October 14

Lukas Werner

October 14

This is the first post using my new blog/portfolio site.

Software Development

So recently I’ve been helping program some Java code for the FTC app programming. Because of that I’ve come to a realization: Java has way too much boilerplate. This was exagerated much more with me programming in Go, Javascript, and Python for work. I think this has to do with the attitude of the language standards. Go has the opinion of simplicity and python has the attitude of elegant code.

Here is a basic example: printing to the console/terminal:

import "fmt"

fmt.Println("Right from PDX")
System.out.println("Right from PDX");
console.log("Right from PDX");

As you can clearly see java is much more verbose and is clearly unnecessary in doing so because go and javascript developers are often able to do the same operations wihout as much extra “fluf”

example image